You Are What You Wear! A Brief Take on the Psychological Effect of Clothing

Clothing says a lot about oneself. It can project their personality, mindset, habits and so much more. The psychology of dresses is something that has been an intriguing subject to psychologists. Based on studies it is said what we wear is strongly influenced by our psychology and vice-versa. The desire to project ourselves better comes from our innate tendency to look our best. While introspecting why clothing is related to psychology a few interesting things surfaced.

As a society people bank on clothing as a status indicator. They use it to show their personality, their style, and sometimes their status in society. Having a personal identity among the crowd becomes an important factor. It takes a complete look to convey what you are trying to say with your clothing. If you are trying to impress an employer you wouldn’t wear tennis shoes with a business suit or a pair of jeans with high heels. Wardrobe stylists and fashion consultants are sought after for choosing unique and suitable clothes.

The “I feel good” test:
Scenario 1:

Imagine you are in a sharp formal evening tux, pulling up your mirror shine shoes and straitening your bow tie.

How do you feel right now?

Scenario 2:

You are in a shabby shirt and a million year old jeans, casual shoes.

Now how do you feel?

Test Conclusion:

Although you can’t always be dressed in a tux, this example is to illustrate the power your dress has over your mind.

This is why the service of a wardrobe stylist is recommended in revamping not only your look, but how good you feel in those clothes. Consider it “easy therapy” in making you feel good.

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