Tips for Swimsuit Shopping

  This time of year is a great time to shop for a swimsuit due to the great sales you can find. Shopping for the perfect swimsuit, however, can be a task in itself.

 Plan ahead and shop for only this item. Know your body type before going to look for that perfect swimsuit. Determine the best figure flattering suit by looking at your best features to show off and looking at any features you would like to cover up.

 For me sometimes it’s my belly that I want to conceal whereas other times I want to hide my breasts so I make sure to have them covered.  I am most comfortable with my legs so many times I wear a cover up which in turn brings the eye directly to them. 

  Have a color or pattern in mind. If stripes are your thing I recommend always vertical stripes as that gives the illusion of an elongated waist. If you are pale skinned I would stay away from white bathing suits. Don’t be afraid of color; pick one that you feel good in!

  I spoke briefly above about wearing a cover up to enhance attention to my legs. But not only do I like a cover up for that reason, it’s just as important as the swimsuit itself. Chances are you will spend more wearing the cover-up over your suit then the suit alone.

 Depending on the type of store you choose to shop in will determine the price and styles you have to choose from. I suggest trying out a store that carries resort wear only. I love to shop at boutiques to get some great ideas. See what is in style and then go to department stores and shop prices.  Find a boutique in your local area so you can have personal relationship with owner to find out sales ahead of time by getting on their email and/or catalog list. 

If you are comfortable enough in knowing your body measurements, a convenient was to shop for a swimsuit is online. Victoria’s Secret is a great place to purchase a swimsuit, but you need to know the exact the style & size that works for you without needing to try it on first. 

  Stores such as Dillard’s and Macys have great selections in swim wear and my favorite, The Beach House in Naples, Florida has an awesome website with lots of styles and colors to choose from.

  It’s a good idea to go up one size than your regular size so the suit feels comfortable, especially on the bottom.

Get at least one suit before the swimming season starts so you’re prepared in advance. Find a designer and or brand that you like and pick up a few swim suits. This way you have a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

   My favorite tip of all when planning on shopping for a swimsuit is: Don’t go shopping for a swimsuit if you’re in a bad mood or it’s around that time of the month! You won’t have fun and chances are anything you put on you aren’t going to like.

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