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 As Lorraine knows, I met with Barbara early on Saturday. Originally, the appointment was just to put aside time so Lorraine could meet with her. I am quite confident of my style. But I know there's always room for improvement. Except in my closet, where there is NO room! Lots of stuff; nothing to wear. So we PURGED! Barbara helped me extract about 75 items. Which I, of course, am donating to my client, Working Wardrobes. 

Here are some things I learned from Barbara: 
  • discard if the item if it's worn (soiled, pilled, torn, ragged edges)
  • discard if it's "dated" or matronly (yes, I have some from days in corporate America)
  • have a variety of jeans -- washes, silhouettes (I tend to have all dark wash skinnies or straights and Barbara suggested adding antique wash and wearing my boot cuts and flares with heels)
  • when cuffing jeans, only fold up once (news to me!)
  • jeans look great with tan (vs. black) boots -- I agree!
  • TAG leggings (we'll be twins!)
  • Steve Madden shoes and boots
  • Great basic Tss (all cotton; not too thin) at Banana, GAP, Ann Taylor
  • Belts -- not too skinny; about the width of jeans belt loops

She also PAIRED existing items for new ensembles, giving me more color (I tend to stick with black and neutrals). .

So, thanks, Barbara! I wish you could all have the joy of time with her! (BTW, even though she lives in Naples, she can provide counsel via Facetime!)

And finally, thanks, everyone, for supporting this crazy idea. I'm so glad it worked and helped Lorraine kick off the New Year with a new wardrobe and a smile!



Dianne S. from Los Angeles

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