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 "Be Delicious...Now" is more than your everyday styling book. There is so much helpful information packed into this wonderful book, that I have decided to make it my Bible for Style! And, the photography is terrific! The author, Barbara King knows styling...inside and out! Trust me, if Barbara can help change my wardrobe and bad styling habits...there is hope for us all! I encourage you to purchase "Be Delicious...Now!". You will definitely be more than delicious, when you finish reading it!

 Patricia Grace Joyce from

Who happens to be a fashion adviser. This is a fun book that covers the basics. Yes, it's basic, but that's what makes it especially great for teens and young women heading out into the job market. Or women who didn't have the guidance of a fashion savvy mother. King writes in an approachable, fun style that does, indeed, make her feel like a friend. There are TONS of pictures, too, so it's pleasing to the eye as well. 

 Jaime Rush from

As a client of Barbara King I can attest to the validity of her advice. Be delicious now!! - great read 

 R.T. Finigan from

Good read I would tell a friend about this book goo for high school girls to read. Gives perspective and thought-provoking ideas 

 Mary Perez from

What an easy and fun book to read!!!! The illustrations are very colorful, professional and helpful. As a client of Barbara King, I have found more good tips in the book to further indulge myself into a better organization of my closet and wardrobe. I start my day and end my day using the closet so I have found it to be. quite therapeutic to have my day begin and end in an organized FASHION! Barbara's tips are spot on and simple to implement. This book makes the BEST girlfriend gift!!!

 R.T. Finigan from

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