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I absolutely loved this book. It showed me that anyone can be "delicious" at any age. As a senior I have an easy guide to look great, feel great, and know how to take anything in my closet and put it together with style. So easy to do as we'll. My favorite? How to take a good look at my accessories and become a fashion diva. Want to look great? Get Barbara's book, get one for your Best Friend and Go Shopping! First thing I'm getting? A sexy new jean jacket!

 gotolady from

I read this book in one sitting because of all the exceptional fashion tips. As you read, you are inticed to get to the next chapter to further enhance your techniques to becoming the best you can be in fashion. If you were searching for a way to get yourself out of the dulldrums of the mondane style you are mired in, then this is WITHOUT A DOUBT the right book for you. Make your New Year resolution to become a New You with "Be Delicious Now"!

 lovethejets from

This is a fantastic book. The author said I would learn something from each chapter and I did. Based on her recommendations, I rearranged my closet. Most importantly, I got rid of things that I simply will not OR SHOULD NOT wear again. I used her tip on discovering my best color and it worked. I bought a sweater in the color and I get rave reviews every time I wear it. The book made me laugh, think and look forward to my next shopping trip. There is even a chapter on packing for a trip and I plan on using the tips very soon.

Hummingbird12 from

I've had Barbara's beautiful book in my office for months, but didn't have time to read it. Ironically, I cleaned my closets this week and thought, 'I wonder what BE DELICIOUS NOW' would have told me about what I'd just done?' Sure enough, I was blown away by the GREAT stories and advice throughout, and wish I'd read it before I'd gone shopping and cleaned my closets! I couldn't believe how much fun, smart advice she gives in this gorgeous book, and love all the many photos that bring it all to life!

 Linda Sivertsen from

Hi Barbara, I took the clothes to Fashionista the next day and they wrote a check for $195. I love my cleared closet and so far I'm not missing anything...Loved working with you. What is clothes mentor? I have been talking about the experience with friends and I might have some business for you... Have good fun in CA and be sure to come back to Naples... Best to you... OH! In your book, packing for a week, you mentioned 7 layering tank tops... I don't think I have a tank top let alone 7 for this trip...what instead??? I will send a picture of the pleated skirt and ask for your suggestions...also have you seen button down collared chambray- sp? shirts somewhere recently???

 Mary Raymond

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