Sunglass Tips for Different Face Shapes

Sunglasses are just like your super smart & glam bestie who you love to have with you no matter what the season. Since shades are such an indispensable aspect of your overall look, you must be particular about choosing the right sunglass for your face. Here are some tips from fashion shopping experts in FL.

Round face

Faces that are round have nearly same dimension of width & length. In such cases, it’s better to avoid a roundish frame as that would highlight the roundness even more, making you look fatter. The trick here is to take to a contrast shape of frame, say square.

Square face

If you have got a square face like that of Cameron Diaz or Demi Moore, you have got the forehead width in the line with jaw & cheeks width. Square faces look tad tough and hence you need a frame that can soften the overall look of your countenance, oval or round shades would be a perfect fit.

Rectangular/long faces

The long or rectangular faces have same width of forehead & area below cheekbones. Narrow chin or high forehead is the most common here. According to fashion stylist in Naples, it’s better to bypass small sunglasses as these would make the face appear longer. Go for big square shades that would aptly level your facial proportions.

Oval faces

It is said that oval faces are the luckiest in the world as they can pull off any shape of shade with great style. Be it the oversized shades or the edgy rimless ones—everything would befit here.

Then why wait, grab the right sunglasses for your face and walk in style.

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