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 Does Your Closet Contain Items That No Longer Represent You?

Do the contents of your closet need a facelift? If you don’t know, don’t fret. BKS will provide a full review of   every item in your closet.

From coordinating outfits for you to giving you advice based on what is seen as to where changes or improvements can be made, you will receive a comprehensive overhaul on your wardrobe.

You’ll discover:

¤  What needs to be mended

¤  What matches (and what doesn’t)

¤  What to do to pull it all together

¤  How to store your attire properly

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Keep or Toss
  • Obviously, you can’t keep every single piece in full view, but try to arrange your wardrobe so that you can see as much as possible. Or at least a glimpse of each piece. Matching hangers are essential in this process because it allows all clothes to hang evenly. Old standbys should be the ones tucked into the corners, while difficult and challenging pieces should stare you down daily until inspiration strikes. It’s not enough to keep your belongings in plain view. Familiarizing yourself with the contents of your closet is a practice VITAL to keeping your looks fresh and interesting. Do you consider your closet to be organized? Are you aware of your inventory? What are your wardrobe organization best practices?

    “Skeletons in you closet? These are items that I always seem to discover, oh the horrors, in almost every single client's closet” Excerpt from Barbara King's New Book – “Be Delicious Now”

  • Take inventory of your closet. You will need to make a list of essentials. Everyone's list of closet staples will vary depending on their own specific style and body type. Your goal is to have a working closet that you can easily create an outfit by walking in. By keeping inventory of your closet, you will know where you are lacking. Carrying a list of these items is a good practice because you will know what you need at all times.

  • Most people can organize their closet but some need that extra help to know when to toss items. Things that need to go are: Anything that doesn't fit, anything that is damaged/stained, anything from the 80's, and anything you haven't worn in over 9 months. Things that you need to keep: your essentials and versatile items.

  • Finding a way to store your accessories efficiently is vital to your ability to finalize your outfits. You need an area where your shoes, handbags and jewelry are in sight to coordinate each outfit appropriately.

What's Your Wardrobe Question?

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You are amazing! She called me after to say thank you and was so happy and excited about moving forward. Thank you so much! Wishing you a wonderful trip. Looking forward to next time we meet.Barbara Williams

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