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 Getting to Know You is the First Step.

In the privacy of your home or business, BKS will meet with you to learn about your lifestyle, shopping habits, fashion likes/dislikes, and what areas you are struggling with.  Once this process is complete you will get a closet consult to help determine what should stay and what needs to go.

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Creating a Plan
Determine a Budget
Shopping Program
  • Each closet needs to have a “wish list.” Barbara will help you make a list of must have items that are missing from your wardrobe. How your closet is organized and the coordination of existing pieces is what determines what is on the list.

    “When you know your body type, it's easier to choose the right pieces of clothing that truly fit you. This understanding saves you a lot of energy and time when adding pieces to your wardrobe.” Excerpt from Barbara King's New Book – “Be Delicious Now”

  • In order to determine the right budget, it first depends on identifying your needs. It’s all about buying what you need at that moment and any future engagements. Making what you have work is key. Then adding certain pieces to the already existing wardrobe to transcend all occasions is the most cost effective way to determine a budget.

    “It’s amazing because I’m still using the clothes we bought together. I appreciate whenever I have a question you’re there to answer it. I’ve emailed photos of potential outfits for events and appreciated your prompt feedback. I’m still utilizing the tips you’ve given me. I’m looking forward to shopping again soon!”

    Craig M.

  • There are three different ways to approach the shopping program.

    Program 1

    Barbara arrives at a pre-determined clothing store an hour early to pull different outfits before you arrive. Once you meet her there, you then try on the outfits that she has chosen for you. Determining on what you expect out of the experience that can be altered and will be discussed ahead of time.

    Program 2

    If you require a course in how to shop for yourself without her assistance, Barbara will pull outfits WITH you.

    Program 3

    Barbara can go shopping without you physically being there and hand-deliver the clothes to your home or office.

What's Your Wardrobe Question?

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What customers say about Barbara King

I LOVED working with Barbara. She worked with me on cleaning out my closet and came up with some new outfits. Love the new outfits. Shopping with her is truly a fun adventure! Found some different outfits that actually look good! So excited, thank you Barbara for taking me out of my very little box! Marci Margolis

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