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What are the Best Colors for Your Skin Type?

An important factor in determining what clothes to shop for is to know what colors flatter you the most based on your skin type. If you're spending time picking out new outfits, why not take that one extra step to make sure the colors compliment your complexion as well? BKS guides you through the entire color analysis process from start to finish!

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Color Analysis Process
What is your eye color?
Your hair color
What colors are most attractive to you?
  • What to know before scheduling your personal color analysis from Barbara:

    ¤ Analysis can be done in person or via the internet.
    ¤ Coordination with wardrobe and make-up.
    ¤ Supplied 3 different color palettes to choose from.
    ¤ Short questionnaire that will help determine which palette is best for you.
    ¤ All features analyzed – hair, skin, eyes.Identify what colors to avoid.
    ¤ Determining your correct colors makes you look thinner, younger and more vibrant.
    ¤ Home decorating that coincides with your color fan.
    ¤ The end result is a complete personal color fan, more confidence in identifying what colors work for you when shopping for your wardrobe, home furnishings etc. and a complete understanding of why you are drawn to certain colors and not to others.
    ¤ Follow up after analysis for any questions you might have regarding your color choices or anything you have learned.
    ¤ Entire process takes approximately 2 hours.

  • Determine your eye color and what color palette you fall into. Your eyes are the reflection of your natural color palette. We are born with a sense of color. Your eye color will determine what colors it find attractive. You get enjoyment out of the colors that are in your eyes. What you see pleases your esthetic sense. Color has an enormous influence since the moment you started to identify the colors around you as a baby. Your eye color determines what colors you are attracted to. Each eye color, blue, brown, hazel and green, will vary in warmth, clarity and depth of the color. For example, if you eyes are bright blue or green, your color palette will most likely be sunrise.

  • It is important to take into consideration your hair color because the warmth and depth of your specific color will determine the tones of your palette. How your clothing color relates to your hair color is an important role in your overall style. It does not matter if your hair is naturally that color or comes from a bottle. Most women can stand in the mirror and look at their outfit and realize if it looks good or not, but many may not know why an outfit looks good or not. Sometimes it may not be the shape, fabric or fit of the garment, but it simply may be that the color of the outfit does not correspond well with your hair color.

  • It’s important to identify how certain colors effect your moods, for example, what color stimulates you visually. If a certain color calms you and so on. I invite you to fill this questionnaire that will aid in determining how color affects you personally, what are you doing presently and what have you done in the past in regards to color. This process opens your perspective on color in your home, in your environment and in your wardrobe.

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What customers say about Barbara King

I was impressed with the wide array of information that Barbara shared with me when she analyzed my most complimentary colors. Positive first impressions are vital in this instantaneous, hurry-up world. It was important for me to share Barbara's wisdom with my family to help give them an edge in social and professional circles. We found Barbara's energy and knowledge to be empowering and enlightening. We had a blast spending time with her! Kristin Ostrander

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