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Barbara King Styling offers corporate speaking engagements for business owners and corporations.

These events educate employers and employees on fashion etiquette in the workplace, receiving important tips on how to dress fashionably and professionally.

The visual presentation is as important as an impressive resume or an award winning presentation.

Barbara King Styling also offers individual consultations to executives, CEO’s, and small business owners..

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Your Industry
  • Why fashion is important in your industry and how it can effect your company

    The way your employees is as important to your marketing strategy as your logo and mission statements. Each employee needs to know what clients look for in their behaviors and how each trait is interpreted.

  • Dressing for Success - Attracting the perfect client

    Each company should have a standard on how their employees present themselves. I can help you create this section in your employee handbook that will optimize the ability to attract clients and represent the company accurately.

  • Making Positive Impressions

    Presentation is one part style, one part confidence. I will be able to give them specific guidelines for them to follow in order for them to put their best foot forward. How you present yourself to others in the business world speaks volumes. People often form first impressions about others within seconds of first meeting them therefore it is crucial to ensure you are properly prepared to present yourself as a professional.

  • Meeting one on one with employees

    Whatever type of small business you run, it's always important for you and your employees to look your best. Your employees project an image of who you and your company are, so the goal should be to look professional at all times. Have them discover specific clothing for their body type, discover core colors that best suit them and be able to pick best colors for the office to enhance productivity visibility to stand out amongst other companies.


What's Your Wardrobe Question?

Contact Barbara King Styling today with any questions you might have regarding your wardrobe, style, colors, personal shopping assistance and more! Schedule an appointment to speak one on one via phone, in person, or Skype chat!

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What customers say about Barbara King

You are amazing! She called me after to say thank you and was so happy and excited about moving forward. Thank you so much! Wishing you a wonderful trip. Looking forward to next time we meet.Barbara Williams

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