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Don’t Stress Over Your First Yoga Class!

Yoga Class

First, let’s talk wardrobe. It’s super simple. Wear a Spandex pant in any color. Black is traditional but there are many great colorful options too. A standard tight fitting yoga tank or tee is the best option for your top. At some point you will be asked to turn your body upside down. Keep those things underneath concealed with a tight fitting top. I am a big fan of Lululemon. Their yoga wear is breathable, super comfortable and excellent quality.

I also love the budget friendly options Marshalls offers. They carry some amazing brands and if you are just stepping into the yoga scene, I recommend getting hooked on yoga before you invest in the higher end pieces.

Yoga is all about balance so socks are not necessary. As a matter of fact I think socks are a total hazard in the yoga studio. Don’t be a liability – barefoot it please!

Next, let’s address accessories and such. Bring along a towel for sweat and a yoga mat for comfort and stability. Target offers a wide selection of wonderful mats at affordable prices. Some yoga studios do offer mats for their students but having my own mat gives me hygiene piece of mind.

Water is also important. Yoga is no walk in the park; it takes serious work and getting dehydrated can happen quickly so stay hydrated and bring some bottled water with you.

Yoga etiquette is something to consider for class room settings. Arrive 10 minutes early to get settled in, introduce yourself to the instructor and get any quiet chat out of the way before class begins. Talking during class is distracting and can be offensive. Once class has begun go with the flow, everyone works at their own level so don’t worry and do not give up quickly. I like to tell beginner yogis to try at least four classes. Try different instructors, styles and outlets.

If the idea of a class still has you bothered I offer private lessons and Volume 1 of my DVD can be purchased here so you can get a full yoga workout in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Some yogis prefer group classes, some enjoy one on one with a private instructor while others prefer in- home practice. Find your outlet and stick to it. I promise it can have a positive impact on your life.

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