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May is a Perfect Month for Denim

Denim; specifically jeans, can be worn by anyone and for many different occasions which makes it a must for everyone’s wardrobe. Jeans can be worn both during the day and at night, lighter color jeans work better during daylight hours whereas darker jeans work very well at night and are a bit more dressy looking. Black jeans are still in, and always will be.


It’s definitely a good idea to own a few different styles and shades of jeans in your closet to be prepared for any type of activity.


A rolled up jean is great for a casual look adding flip flops or a ballet style shoe.  


Make sure you have the right style jean for your body type. Many people wear their jeans too short, not realizing that a longer jean makes your legs look longer. A taller statue can wear longer jeans where as a shorter statue can wear a boot cut jean which will make their legs look longer. Skinny jeans are in and here to stay. A pear shape body type should not wear skinny jeans unless you wear a long top to balance the bottom.


When washing your jeans wash them inside out & try not to ever dry them in the dryer. Hang them up folded over with no crease ever. 


A good number of jeans to own would be six. This will give you a chance to own different styles as well as colors and a good assortment to choose from.


Jeans should always be tried on before buying. Find a brand that you love and get different colors & styles in that same brand. Make sure you change up the styles when you buy so you have a nice variety for different occasions.


Going away for the weekend, a night out on the town, a dinner date, a walk on the beach or just lounging in a chair at home are all good examples of places and activities you can do when wearing jeans. Now go out there and get your denim on!



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