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Unique Gift Giving Ideas

Here are a few great gift giving ideas:

  • I personally love getting credit card gift certificates but some find that to be impersonal, but the receiver can get whatever they want with it!
  • Another great gift idea is getting flowers for someone every day, for a month, or a different type of flowers each month! Wouldn’t they just love that? I know I would!
  •  My services are a great and unique gift item to get someone. We all could use some advice on what looks good and what is not working.
  •  I was just in Sedona, AZ. recently and they are known for their crystals. I made of list of my closest friends picked some up for them, it was something very special from me to them. personal.
  • Another cool idea is to get someone an iTunes gift card or a Netflix subscription!
  • Shopping for jewelry is always super fun. Usually try to keep the gift simple, something they can wear everyday like a pair of hoop earrings or a gold bracelet. Bracelets can be difficult unless you know for sure that person wears them. I was teaching a yoga class and this student had half of her arm with bangles, it really was cool looking on her and it sounded like a charm each time she moved. That is a girl who is comfortable in her own skin.
  • Another great item to shop for someone is be sunglasses.  Pick something out of the ordinary.  Think of his or her face shape and go with an opposite shape. Usually department stores will have a wide selection of sunglasses to choose from. My book gives you some great ideas on how to pick sunglasses out according to face shape.
  • Speaking of my book, “Be Delicious Now: The Ultimate Fashion Secrets”, it too is a great gift, and it’s also available on Kindle! My yoga DVD “Barbara King Yoga” is another great gift idea, especially for those that feel more comfortable practicing yoga in private. All of these items can be found on Amazon!
  • I also give gift certificates to people that want to gift my services, like a closet audit, color analysis or fashion shopping spree! It’s a really unique gift and the recipient loves the results!
  •  Most women love to get a manicure and pedicure so it’s always a safe bet that a gift like this will be a hit for someone. 

  When it comes to gift giving, sometimes just a few moments of thinking outside the box will go a long way and I promise you the recipient of your gift will appreciate the extra time you spent thinking of something unique to get them!


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