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  This time of year is a great time to shop for a swimsuit due to the great sales you can find. Shopping for the perfect swimsuit, however, can be a task in itself.

 Plan ahead and shop for only this item. Know your body type before going to look for that perfect swimsuit. Determine the best figure flattering suit by looking at your best features to show off and looking at any features you would like to cover up.

 Have you ever shopped for a fancy dress, seen something spectacular on the rack and had to have it, even if it didn’t fit “quite” right? Then during the event you are nothing short of miserable because you can’t breathe after dinner? I think at one time or another we have all done that to ourselves!

Whether the special event you are attending is a wedding, charity event, wine tasting or fancy gala, make sure whatever you choose to wear fits well and makes you feel good about yourself!

It’s been raining everywhere and you just can’t figure out what shoes to wear? Make an investment in a Delicious pair of rain boots! You will thank yourself and your friends will adore you!

Try a playful look with bright color boots and any length dress or shorts for out and about events. Another or more classic look pair black boots with leggings and cashmere sweater. This is a good look for evening, city or urban areas and of course cooler climates.

Keep your rain boots in your car or office for spur of the moment use. Match some fun outfits to wear with them.

MY TIP: Try not to over match your outfit and minimal jewelry during the day!


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