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As we near the official start of summer, I find myself already making more time to hit the beach. I am not willing to give up style and function when hanging out ocean side. A beautiful functioning beach bag is essential. My two favorite “it” beach bag for summer 2013:

When it comes to classic everyday chic, neat nails is mandatory.

While I love playing with polish trends, I have four polishes that I stick to on a regular basis. Red, Merlot, French and clear shine. These polishes look beautiful year round and work great on hands or feet with any skin tone.

Red is an intense color that I immediately associate with strength, power and love. It is also said to evoke erotic feelings!!So if your looking to spice things up a red mani pedi may be a good start!

 Merlot and Deep Berry colors suggest stability and passion. The darker the better with these hues!

Doesn’t it feel amazing to be rid of all those non flattering bottoms that were just taking up precious space in your closet?

Now, I am going to ask you to kick things into overdrive this weekend and weed through the rest of your closet. section by section. Before you get all daytime soap opera pouty faced, know this – projects like this are great over a bottle of wine! So call a bestie over, pop the cork and have fun! Hanging out in ones closet is truly one of the best ways to set the tone for what the space really should be: a special place.

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