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Clothing says a lot about oneself. It can project their personality, mindset, habits and so much more. The psychology of dresses is something that has been an intriguing subject to psychologists. Based on studies it is said what we wear is strongly influenced by our psychology and vice-versa. The desire to project ourselves better comes from our innate tendency to look our best. While introspecting why clothing is related to psychology a few interesting things surfaced.

Fashion design: Art of the application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories.

The concept of fashion designing has evolved to a totally new level in the modern context. Apart from just clothing the industry has spanned out to areas such as accessories, footwear and bags. Fashion just doesn't mean wearing stylish clothing anymore but choosing attire that compliments your personality. Professional help can be obtained from personal stylists who design custom wardrobes based on client needs.

“You are what you wear” is an expression that has gained significance in the early 21st century, with the boom of the internet and social media. Individuals are constantly projecting themselves to the world. Clothing and your appearance has been proven can have a subconsciously profound effect on how a person reacts to you.

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