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It's National Yoga Month!

 September is National Yoga Month! This designation was made by the Department of Health and Human Resources to create an awareness of the mental and physical benefits of yoga.  If you have never tried yoga or are wanting to try different styles of yoga, this is the perfect month to try something new and expand your yoga practice.  Many cities have yoga classes available through businesses, private tutors, colleges, local fitness centers and even on-line. 

Some benefits of yoga:

 Positive Outlook - Yoga creates a more positive outlook on life.  

 Better Sleeping - Doing yoga puts your body at ease and rests your mind. This helps fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer than if you were to silently read a book.

Improved Self Confidence - The secret is that yoga asks you to tune in to how your body feels and what it can do - not how it looks.

Improvement on all around toning - Yoga is about using your body to strengthen your muscles.  No weights needed!  During certain poses you are lifting every pound of your body.  Even certain types of yoga such as Crow or Crescent focus on muscle building. 

Sense of Calm - Women who do yoga are generally known to be less moody and less depressed.  It really brings your mind to a state of peace helping you relax in order to deal with the stresses of every day.

Improvement in your sex life - Yoga helps reduce anxiety, increase body awareness and even increase the release of hormones that cause arousal.  All of that means a boost in libido and lubrication making orgasm more likely.   

If you are new to yoga and would prefer to try it in a private setting versus a public class, please feel free to order my Yoga DVD  or to contact me to schedule a private lesson. I work with all levels, in your home or mine, and can make sure that your experience is liberating and energizing.  There are so many ways that yoga can enhance your life; let me guide you through the journey of self discovery and internal harmony.


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