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Barbara King, has so much experience traveling. It’s truly in her soul and she loves to experience and discover new places. She put together many yoga retreats for groups when she owned her own studio. As she says “her bags are always packed”. She has traveled all over the U.S.A, South America, and Europe. Her motivation and mission is to go somewhere different every 6 weeks.
She really have a favorite destination because she looks at every time she travels it’s a different experience.

She was married for 20 years and has two kids, she never stopped going to new places to experience. She has many clients and connections in California, New York City and Michigan. She is originally from Syracuse New York. She has lived in Michigan and graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She lived in California for 11 years and started her own fashion consulting business in 1995 . She also trained for 20 years as a yoga instructor and then opened her own Yoga studio for 5 1/2 years in Naples Florida called BKS Yoga Studio.

She has put her expertise and experiences to print with her first book entitled “Be Delicious Now: The Ultimate Fashion Secrets” in 2014. Barbara has worked in the past with industry giants such as Calvin Klein and Donna Karan and has styled celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock and Mary Tyler Moore. King has also been featured in the L.A. Times, Maxim, Life & Style & the Orange County Register and made several television appearances on both HGTV and the Fine Living Channel.

She also has taken 3 certification classes with Leatrice Eiseman for color expert. She continues to do personal colors for individuals all over the world.

After 30 years of shopping trips, color consulting, teaching yoga and deciding to close her yoga studio. She decided to venture into the travel industry, since she is so passionate about helping people, planning someone’s dream vacation and will be willing to be a tour guide for a group since she is such a personable person. Her friends say she can be themselves around her without judgement, she has so much energy and is very funny.

Barbara also has a coaching career on “How to Manifest”. She take individual clients and put them through a 3 month system that gives people a new way of how think and embrace change. She is the most positive person you can meet. You won’t be sorry to use her and her expertise. She is very detailed orientated and very creative with great ideas.

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