Makeup Trends to Follow

There are certain “looks” that work for certain people when it comes to makeup. While most think that it is easy to apply just a little here and a little there, sometimes women choose the wrong colors for their skin, or apply too much or do not blend properly.

It is very essential that you are careful while shopping for your make up, because although it may be in fashion, it may not be the right choice for you. There are a few make up mantras that most styling services in Naples recommend and all women must follow.

Facelift: First things first, apply a concealer daily before anything. Start from the area under the nose and span it out like whiskers. Concealers not only form the base, but also give you an instant facelift giving you a brighter look.

Tone it Down: Remember, subtle is the new ultra; while you may boldly enhance a certain feature of your face such as your lips or eyes you must tone down the colours subduing the rest of the features in a way that they compliment the feature being highlighted.

Lush Lashes: Every woman in the world deserves a long thick pair of lashes and it’s easier than you thought. To get the right look, crimp your lashes thrice from the base going up to the middle and the tips. After applying the first layer of mascara take some powder and sprinkle, use the mascara brush to gently separate lashes for a longer clump free look.

Plump Lips: To get fuller, plumper lips use a nude pencil right above the upper lip before applying your lipstick. A well defined lip does not only look perfect but also gives the impression of thicker lips.

If you’re in Florida, make up and styling services in Naples can be hard with so many colours and brands to choose from. So be sure to contact BKS, certified color specialist and fashion stylist, who can easily help you find the right look for your skin type!

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