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Yoga is another area that Barbara King has mastered. 

Even before jumping into the fashion industry; Barbara, always being aware of her body, took a special interest in fitness. She understood at an early age, that in order for clothes to look and fit great, we must take a special interest in caring for and keeping our bodies healthy and fit. She hasn’t always loved working out, but loved the feeling that after working out she'd be able to find the perfect dress, and of course the perfect fit!

Over the years, Barbara investigated different forms of exercise in an effort to stay healthy. During her search she discovered her love for Yoga. So much so that she now holds several certifications in yoga and has held private classes for people for many years. 

Her popularity as a yoga instructor grew so large that in January 2015 she opened her own yoga studio in Naples, FL. BKS Yoga Studio caters to those who are yoga novices as well as the experienced yoga devotee who practices on a daily basis. A variety of classes are offered at BKS Yoga Studio in a tranquil private room taught by top instructors. Retail therapy is available in a unique boutique space that carries exclusive brands. Massage and Thai sessions are offered by appointment only. Do you have a dog? BKS Yoga Studio also offers Doga, which is yoga for you and your dog! Doga is a great bonding experience between you and your pet,  keeping you both healthy, happy and yogasized. For more information on Doga or any classes offered; visit BKS Yoga Studio!

A few general reasons of how yoga impacts your life is:

  • Yoga helps relieve internal tension, which brings out internal happiness and positive thought.
  • Yoga is an excellent way to incorporate positive thinking and relaxation techniques into your daily life.
  • Yoga teaches that each individual is responsible for developing their own internal and external behaviors through their own thoughts.


Barbara King Yoga DVD
BKS Yoga Retail Shop
BKS Yoga Studio Massage
  • Yoga DVDGo through professional yoga trainer Barbara King's strength training classes from the comfort of your home, bring it with you while on a business trip, vacation, wherever! Now you can have your yoga workout with you wherever you go! This instructional video will take you through power vinyasa, all levels. At your convenience, you will be able to have Barbara guide you through this hour-long workout whenever and wherever you want! Place Your Order Today Conveniently, Safely and Securely!

  • Retail

    BKS Yoga Studio has a fabulous line of retail products for sale including yoga wear, yoga mats, props and handmade jewelry accessories. Check out the full line here: BKS Yoga Studio - Retail Store


  • swedish mass

    Swedish Massage is the most common form of bodywork that reduces stress and allows for relaxation.  It involves using a variety of techniques to relax the muscles by applying pressure in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart.  BKS Yoga Studio offers Swedish Massage as well as Deep Tissue Massage. Aromatherapy and Reflexology are also available. For more information click here: BKS Yoga Studio Massage






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What customers say about Barbara King

You are amazing! She called me after to say thank you and was so happy and excited about moving forward. Thank you so much! Wishing you a wonderful trip. Looking forward to next time we meet.Barbara Williams

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