How to Shake the Holiday Blues

It’s so easy to get caught up with all the different things you want to get done during the holiday season. Year after year, we tend to stress ourselves out to a point we find ourselves saying, “Oh I just can’t wait for it all to be over.”

Ironically however, what I have found is no matter how much time we have or think we don’t have, everything always manages to get done.

This time of year also tends to make people become overly depressed. Sometimes it’s because the loss of a loved one they miss them more than ever around this time, or perhaps they are not in a relationship and are feeling lonely, while many stress and get depressed over the amount of money they are spending or that they don’t have to spend.

   It’s very important during the errand running, cookie baking, mall shopping, house decorating, party planning and so on and so on, make sure you take some time for yourself.  Give yourself time to regroup and breathe.

My personal favorite thing to do during this time is to go to the movies and escape the craziness. There’s something about a dark movie theater, popcorn and a great story line that helps you disappear from reality. It may be only two hours, but it’s enough to calm me down and regroup to tackle the next hurdle!

 If you find you just can’t make time to escape another fun thing to do that will perk up your spirits is buy something special for yourself that you’ve been wanting to get for a long time

 Take a mini trip with friends and have some laughs. Have something like this to look forward to for yourself.  Another idea is pick one day a week to just focus on something fun to do, something that makes you happy, a manicure perhaps or a massage.

 It is all about balance. I’ve mentioned before in previous posts that wearing colors that make you smile can make a big difference in your mood. Holiday colors like red and green are always fun for red is a power color and green is a grounding color, wearing the two is together is the balance. Don’t be afraid to change things up a bit, perhaps try wearing pink which is a good color for speaking your truth. Purple is a more spiritual color which can give you a calm and peaceful feeling. Colors affect your mood and how people see you as well.  

Another great way to lift your spirits is wearing jewelry that you usually wear for the evenings but wear it during the day. This is the time of year that you can really spark up your dress. You can play around with your purse color as well to spruce up your look with colors like green, purple, gold or silver. These are all super fun colors to wear and are sure to put a smile on your face.

 So remember, while trying to get everything done for everyone else this holiday season, make it a point to add to your list a little “me” time too! Happy Holidays!

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