DOGA – Does It Really Benefit Your Dog?

We’ve all heard about Yoga practice and its benefits for people. But now, there is a new form of exercise emerging in the United States called “Doga”, the practice of doing yoga together with your dog. Getting bored with your usual walk in the park with your four-legged friend? Looking for something a bit more interesting than playing with your furry companion? Then why wait, join Doga classes in Naples FL today. You might think, “How can my dog do yoga?” The answer is very simple – they don’t. The people do the yoga and their dogs are by their side the entire time. You can incorporate your furry pet into few of the poses and give them a little doggy massage during the class.

Benefits of practicing Yoga with your four-legged companion:

Doga helps to relax the nervous system for both you and your dog; it is much like what happens between moms and their kids when they do Mommy and Baby yoga. By the end of the session, you will find that your dog is relaxed, just chilling out next to you or on top of you. Practicing Doga also helps regulate their digestive system and helps them get better sleep.

Points to Remember:

Remember that doga is not for teaching dogs tricks, and it’s not a behavioral training class. It’s just designed to work on the bond between you and your dog. Dogs participating in doga should have a solid foundation of basic obedience behaviors, such as sit and stay before participating.

Doga should never be forced upon a dog. Before joining a doga class, you will need to be mindful and listen to your dog’s body language. If your dog is pulling away, fidgeting, or doesn’t seem interested in practicing yoga pose, don’t force it.

Whatever you think about this new form of exercise, it helps you spend more time with your dog, and will increase the bond that you share. What could be better than that? Join doga classes in Naples FL today!

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