Does What You Wear Make You or Break You?

It isn’t just a theory that what you wear can influence people around you; it’s a fact. There’s tons of research suggesting the fact that “what you wear” has a profound impact on your personality and the perception others have on you.

This is why there is a certain dress code for interviews, formal dinners and yes even dates.

First impressions are strong indicators of how the tone of the acquaintance or relationship is set in motion. This may not be always be a conscious decision though because our subconscious memory registers the first impressions.

Let’s take a look at what makes that first impression:

“It ain’t easy bein’ classy”

The first thing someone comes into contact with is your overall image/ body then more specifically your face while making eye contact, and then of course that hand shake.

Get noticed:

There can be various fashion statements that one can make based on the environment or objective one is at. This is why many businessmen and women who are constantly in the public eyes hire professional fashion stylists and consultants to get the look that suits them and sends a powerful message.

Mental image:

When someone mentions “James Bond” what is the mental picture that comes to your mind?

Let’s make a checklist:

1.    The sharp tuxedo

2.    The expensive watch

3.    Gadget filled sports car

4.    Of course, vodka martini (shaken not stirred)

These are attributes that are hardwired to the character. So is everyone else. Dressing yourself isn’t putting on a bunch of clothes but a carefully crafted stylist statement. Getting the assistance of a wardrobe stylist can work wonders.

Barbara King is a professional fashion consultant in Los Angeles; get in touch with her at

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