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Laugh off stress!

Having my niece around continues to warm my heart and amaze me. She started her first job at a kids summer camp and is loving it! Being a young kid at heart, working with children comes naturally. She has been so active swimming, playing ball and biking with my children during her time off. She …

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Whats In My Fridge!

A peek inside ones refrigerator is an intimate and interesting endeavor. You can tell a lot about someone by the contents inside their fridge!The Super Mom – perfectly sliced and washed veggies in labeled tupperware. All contents facing forward.The Bachelor – 90 percent liquid contents and condiments. Remaining 10 percent, take out containers.The Beloved Foodie …

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Spread Greatness

For the past year I have been planning and preparing to move my niece from Michigan to live with me and my family in the sunshine state. She is the kind of person you meet and cant help but instantly feel joyful! AKA she rocks! She is highly motivated to be great and this move …

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A Classic!

This weeks yoga pose is the classic Downward facing dog. It’s one of my favorite ways to “check in”. This pose allows my body to show me where I feel light and on the contrary, where I need to focus. It also lets the mind settle, find peace and connect with the breath. Yoga is …

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