Back to School Means Back to Routines!

Time has flown by so fast here we are at the end of August already! I hope you have all enjoyed your summer. I spent most of my summer in California and just now starting to get back into the swing of things here in Florida. 

The summer fashions this year have been very difficult let me tell you from experience.  There was no structure in the styles this year! The fashions seemed to be geared more for young adults who like to look young and dress young.  There were plenty of flowing tops that were so unflattering to the figure coupled with unattractive patterns. The selection of bottoms seemed very plain with no style or flair. I did, however, like the long dresses with different shaped patterns going in a vertical directions as well as stripes.

So here we are, getting prepared for the routine of back to school. The chores we are familiar with are shopping for school supplies, refreshing the children’s closets with new stuff, and getting rid of the old items that no longer fit them. Taking a trash bag to the closet with you is a great way to help clear the closets completely of the old clothes, shoes, underwear, sneakers etc. 

The thought of the kids getting back to routine excites me because this gives me the time go and take care of my own needs too.  I can get caught up on my work out routine, schedule a massage, facial, haircut or anything that I might have put by the wayside during the summer. I can even start to plan my little get-a-ways or start reconnecting with friends. If you have the same type of time constraints during the summer it’s a good idea to try to work those little things back into your routine come September.

 This time of year happens to also be a great time to get family photos done. You’re relaxed, all together and maybe even have a tan.  It’s important to make sure you coordinate your wardrobe colors. A great look for the photo shoot is the family wearing similar colors or complimentary colors. Have perhaps the husband and wife wearing the same color and then have the kids wearing a color that will accent that. For example:  grey along with purple.  Try to keep the colors solid for patterns will take away from the subjects faces and look way too busy.  

 5 Quick To-Do’s for back to school:

Durable Back Packs

 Every student needs a new and reliable back pack. Try finding one with a great design that your child will love. This will help get them excited to go back to school. 

Let the Children Help Choose Their Clothes

 It’s fun for your kids to pick their own clothes or at least get their opinions while you shop with them. If your child goes to a uniform only school let them be involved in the uniform ordering process and go with them to pick out different hair accessories and some jewelry too!

Shop for School Supplies

Notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, glue, binders, pencil cases and so much more are on this huge list of things to get! Be sure to pick up a calendar so you can keep track of everyone’s activities!

Get Used to the Old Routine

Start up the school morning routines before they actually start school. Introducing earlier and consistent bed time routines as well as instilling regular eating patterns again will help you tremendously to get prepared for when school is in session. Stock up on snacks for lunches with fresh fruit and healthy snacks. 

Shop for School Clothes

Fashion trends are all about comfort. Mostly casual wear like simple fabrics, colorful tops with solid bottoms. Jazz up school uniforms with the socks worn for girls and some hair accessories. Shoes will always do the trick. Refresh the shoes so they feel like they are wearing something new and get some colorful shoes. Target is a great store along with Kohls. Both stores have great selections as well as decent prices!

 Allow yourself plenty of time before school starts to get the above things done so you are not feeling stressed or scrambling at the last minute. Take some time to shop smart, get everyone ready for routine again and be sure to work a little “me” time back into your fall schedule!

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