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This Highlighter Balm Has Taken My Dewy Skin Obsession to New Levels

Last updated: 07-03-2019

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This Highlighter Balm Has Taken My Dewy Skin Obsession to New Levels

My penchant for skin that looks hydrated minus the grease actually stems from a series of slightly traumatic experiences. Long before discovering my current addiction, Danessa Myricks’ Dew Wet Balm, I spent a huge amount of time in front of cameras. For the most part, I co-hosted tutorials and other beauty-related adventures that now feel as though they happened eons ago.

While the process itself was fast-paced and mostly exhilarating (besides the copious amount of takes), my makeup was entrusted to professionals who more often than not left me looking crazy. In other words, they’d do a decent job with my makeup, only to cover it with a setting powder that made my skin look ashy and gray. I never fully recovered. So much so, that I almost never wear powder now.

Instead, upon realizing that my skin looks its best right after a sweaty workout, I made it my mission to replicate that post-sweat snapshot without actually breaking a sweat. There are more than a few ways to get the dewy skin glow that impossibly beautiful models and celebs seem to wake up with. You can mix your facial oil with coverage. A setting spray with a light-as-air applicator can also do the trick. Or a liquid highlighter strategically placed along the cheekbones and other places hit with direct light can suffice.

I’ve tried it all, but as of late, Danessa Myricks’ ridiculously underrated Dew Wet Balm ($22) is something I literally can’t put down. For one, the name alone gives me everything I need. A balm offers a slightly thicker consistency than a traditional liquid formula, thus giving you more control and less of a mess. When applied to the face, you can trust that it will stay put until you blend it in; no dripping down your cheek and onto the side of your neck.

The formula also remains a balm. Though it does dry down a bit, it never fully transforms into a powder. Instead, it delivers that second-skin effect and a sheen without shimmer that doesn’t go overboard. Instead, you’re left with a healthy glow that’ll trick people into thinking you just got done moisturizing. If you’re skeptical and need even more convincing, prepare to be amazed by the skin-spo Myricks constantly shares on her Instagram page. Trust me when I say you can trust her; she knows makeup and she knows it well.

There’s four shades options: Morning Dew (off-white iridescent), Clear, Hot Water (a deeper bronze), and my personal favorite Rosewater (a rose gold). As you can see, the formula is easy to apply with the fingers. After applying my BB cream, I swirl two fingers around the compact and dab alongside the top of each cheekbone, going up to my temples. Admittedly, I’ll sometimes go overboard and just put it everywhere, but I mostly stop once I’ve got barely-there minimalist color; as if someone had pinched my cheek.

I have yet to wear it without makeup, but once my Vitamin C serum and moisturizer kicks in, I have a feeling it’ll leave me feeling just as confident as I do now. If you’re about that dewy skin life too, this balm is well-worth the $22. You can purchase it on Danessa Myricks’ website,Camera Ready Cosmetics, or Beautylish (where all four shades are still available).

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