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The Clothing Essentials Every Man Should Own

Last updated: 07-19-2019

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The Clothing Essentials Every Man Should Own

Written by Menswear Style in Essentials on the 15th July 2019 / The Clothing Essentials Every Man Should Own

You might not have a natural interest or passion for clothing, but you can only play the hand that you’ve been dealt, and in a society where clothing is expensive, you need to pay at least some attention to it. But of course, there’s an awful lot of clothing out there, and there’s only so much room in your home. How are you supposed to know which items to buy, and which to leave on the shelf? Thankfully, we’re on hand to help. Below, we take a look at some of the clothing items that every man should have in his wardrobe.

We’d like to stress the importance of all those summer items, but the truth is that we live in the UK, and there are plenty more grey and overcast days than there are days with blazing sunshine. And so the first item on this list: the winter jacket. It’s possible that you’re going to wear this item every day for six months, so make sure you’re happy with it. It’s one of those items that’s worthwhile paying a little more to get a high-quality product. Plus, it’s about more than style -- it’s about staying warm. Remember, a good jacket will be with you for many years.

For those casual trips to the pub, you can’t go wrong with the jeans and top combination. First, let’s think about those jeans -- it’s recommended that you figure out your body type, and then get jeans that compliment your shape: the fit will make all the difference. For the job, you’ll have plenty of freedom -- some people go for those well-fitted, coloured sweaters. Others prefer the hoodie, others yet always opt for a shirt. Get a couple of pairs of jeans and multiple tops, and you’ll always be ready for a casual night out with friends.

Given the weather we have in the UK, you’ll want to have a few different types of footwear to call upon. During the winter, your go-to option will be your boots, which will help you to navigate the rain and cold and the occasional snow we receive. For the everyday jaunts, we recommend you buy Adidas sneakers. They’re comfortable, stylish, and versatile -- three things that we wish all items of clothing could be like. In the summer, it’s all about that light footwear. High-quality sandals are always recommended, because they look so much better than just flip-flops.

And talking of summer, make sure you’re ready for when the sun shines! There’s a reason why many people can spot 'Brits Abroad'-- it has nothing to do with the amount of alcohol they’re drinking, and much more to do with how we’re dressed. People in hot countries have a better sense of how to dress well in the heat. The main thing is to avoid just wearing whatever t-shirt you have in your cupboard, and instead focus on fabrics. A linen shirt will look much more mature, and will keep you cool, too. Well-fitted shorts and the aforementioned sandals will complete the look. When you go overseas, people will think you’re one of those people who spends a lot of time in warmer climates!

Whether we love the high life or not, there’ll always be times when we find ourselves with an invite to an event that requires us to dress up. Instead of going into panic mode, it’ll be much easier to just call upon all those smarter items of clothing you have safely hanging in your wardrobe. You’ll need to have a well-fitted, high-quality suit -- it’ll be a go-to for those weddings, and will pay itself back many times over the years. As well as a traditional suit, you might want to consider a funkier, more fun piece of smart wear, such as suspenders, dickie bow, and brighter jacket. Not every formal occasion has to be so serious.

Finally, let’s think about the accessories. Sometimes, a man has no choice but to wear particular types of clothing -- when this is the case, it’s the accessories that can set him out from the crowd. The main one is the watch, which always tells us so much about the wearer. High-quality sunglasses and a well-fitted hat will always be worth their weight in gold, too.

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