A Brief History of Modern Fashion Design

Fashion design: Art of the application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories.

The concept of fashion designing has evolved to a totally new level in the modern context. Apart from just clothing the industry has spanned out to areas such as accessories, footwear and bags. Fashion just doesn’t mean wearing stylish clothing anymore but choosing attire that compliments your personality. Professional help can be obtained from personal stylists who design custom wardrobes based on client needs.

Major Shift in the 80’s

Modern fashion can trace its beginnings to the 80’s. Magazines were a strong influence on the idea of fashion then with jumpsuits being a popular choice to both men and women. Celebrity influence had a lot to do with fashion trends and colorful neckties and sunglasses were preferred accessories. Neon colors became a must have and due to the influence of aerobics in the media, and Olivia Newton-John’s “Let’s Get Physical” song and video on MTV, leggings and headbands were common, not to mention the movie “Flashdance” made way for the off the shoulder sweatshirt look!

It’s said it was during the early 80’s the fashion culture began to get noticed with fashion houses springing up. They offered suggestions on the fashion trend and what kind of attire would best suit them.

Early Developments:

Fashion design houses started hiring artists to come up with patterns for the dresses they produced. The patterns were presented to the clients and if it was satisfactory, the clients ordered the clothing. This remains as a rough blue print for today’s fashion designing industry as well.

New developments and Personal shopping:

Today’s fashion is seasonal and more focused on striking a balance between fashion and comfort. A fashion consultant ensures you “dress your best” so we can project ourselves with confidence at the workplace and the world.

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