6 Ways to Rock a Pair of Jeans

Who doesn’t love a good pair of jeans? It’s fun, versatile, durable, and it comes in many different styles. It’s an absolute necessity to have a pair of jeans or two in your wardrobe! It doesn’t even have to be a perfect pair. It’s all about how you dress them up! 

With the right top, shoes, and accessories, you can make a pair of drabby jeans appear stylish! All it takes is a dash of inspiration, a bit of creativity, and finding out what suits you.

To give you an idea, here are a few ways that I like to rock my jeans:


High Rise Jean #fashion #tip #bodytype shoe options to follow

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You can never go wrong with a nice, graphic tee or sweater. Dress it up with a good pair of tennis shoes or sneakers and you’re good to go! It’s the perfect outfit that you can wear for both indoor and outdoor settings. It’s fool-proof, simple, and casual, but most of all, it’s very comfy. 

It’s a versatile outfit that’s perfect for when you have to be on your feet the whole day and you want to stay comfortable. It’s a go-to outfit that never fails!


Now, this is a cool outfit that I put together with the same pair of jeans from the last one. Just look at how different my jeans look when paired with a nice pair of boots and a cute little crop top, along with a few accessories? We went from fun and on-the-go to something more laidback and upscale. Add in a few pieces of jewelry if your neck is feeling bear and you’re good to go!


Looking for a good outfit to wear on a night out? Look no further than this gorgeous ensemble. And, you guessed it, this is the same pair of jeans as the two other options I have shown earlier. The only difference is that this one has more of a silhouette than the other. 

The height of the shoes and the high rise of my jeans make me look a lot taller. The belt helps in accentuating my curves. The flared sleeves of my sweater add a touch of drama to this outfit. Additionally, the necklace ties it all together, making it a more cohesive and fun look! Definitely, something you’d want to wear to a party or a fun get-together in the evening. 


Ah yes, one of the classic jean-shoes combo that we all love. Some may say that it’s a little outdated, but I say: this is never going to go out of style. These two are a match made from heaven! Top it off with a cute top with long, flared sleeves, and you’ll be looking good from head to toe. 

The flowy nature of the jeans complements the chunky volume of the shoes. It makes perfect sense, especially if you don’t want to trip over your jeans. It’s a day outfit that’s perfect for a stroll in the park or going out for brunch with friends. It looks and feels comfortable too!


Ripped jeans are totally in! There’s just something about them that adds an extra flair to an outfit no matter how casual the style is. Put on a good pair of slip-on, and here we have a very laid-back, casual look that will make you appear open and approachable. 

It’s a great outfit for when you just want to unwind, mingle with the crowd and just have an overall good time. It’s comfortable without ever sacrificing any sense of style.


6 Option Black Jeans With Cardigan and/or Shawl #fashion #tip #jeans

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Apart from your regular denim, black jeans are another must-have in your wardrobe. It’s very slimming, and since black is a neutral color, it can go with almost anything under the sun. For this pair of jeans I’m wearing, I’ve paired it up with a nice, cozy cardigan and a shawl. 

Look at how my jeans heighten the shape of these two pieces. They complement each other well because of how the black color makes the other color pop, highlighting the top, putting an emphasis on its silhouette. 

There are so many things that you can do with a pair of jeans, so don’t be afraid to explore. If you need a hand in choosing the right one for you and how to dress them up, I’m just a call away! Book a call here

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