Month: September 2013

Yoga and Posture

  First impressions are usually made within the first three seconds of meeting someone, however, sometimes an impression can be made even before the initial meeting. Body language is what determines whether or not someone will approach you and the main thing people judge, even if they aren’t aware of it, is a person’s posture. …

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Yoga and Your Perineum: The Relationship Between the Two

The foundation for all movement, balance, stability and flexibility begins in one area; the pelvis. The Perineum muscle is the base of your pelvic floor.  This muscle is very important because it not only structures your abdominal cavity, but it also aides in bladder functions, childbirth, and sexual pleasure.  Some exercises that utilize this muscle …

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It’s National Yoga Month!

September is National Yoga Month! This designation was made by the Department of Health and Human Resources to create an awareness of the mental and physical benefits of yoga.  If you have never tried yoga or are wanting to try different styles of yoga, this is the perfect month to try something new and expand …

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