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Change Your Purse to Fit the Season



A color that seems to go with all things fall is Emerald. If you enjoy wearing brown, beige, white, or black outfits the Emerald green purse will really pop!  


  Try and change the style of purse you are usually are attracted to. For example, try a purse with two straps instead of one or a tote style purse if you are used to a clutch. 

   A good reason to change your purse at the start of each new season is that it gives you a chance to clean out whatever crazy stuff you have stuffed in there like gum wrappers, old receipts, change that fell to the bottom of the purse (and if you’re like me you soon discover why your bag weighs 10 pounds), cough drops, you name it!

 Try to look for a purse that fits your personality.  If you need some bright colors to brighten your wardrobe, a new bag will do this for you. 

  Or, if you are traveling a lot this season get something that will help you keep things organized like a purse with several compartments, as well as something you can use for both daytime and nighttime events.  

 Remember it is not about the size you buy because you can never fit everything you want in your bag. A satchel is a very cool way to go too for it’s a perfect size and it gives off a glamorous vibe.

 Printed bags are a lot of fun too! There are so many options to choose from that it’s impossible to list them all, the best advice I can give is definitely find something that will fit your needs, feels good and you feel comfortable carrying.  I find the best places to shop for a new purse is TJ Maxx, Nordstrom, Dillards, and the internet. The internet is great because you can many times find more styles and selections that are only available online as opposed to the store itself.

  Let me know what you decided on I would love to hear!   

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