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A personal shopper will not only help you save time but will provide you with image makeovers. A personal shopper has to have an in-depth understanding of fashion to meet the needs of the client.  

Style Savvy - Summer fashions that suit your body type - It's not that hard to make a summer splash in fashion when it comes to swimwear. It's really all about the cover-up and accessories. The most important thing is to know your body type. Working in this field for so long I have discovered that almost every client of mine has fit into one of the following seven body types.

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Barbara King Fashion Sytlist LA as seen on CBS Los Angeles

Barbara King shares styling secrets in her book, offering advice to readers on preparing for dates, organizing closets and buying clothes to enhance body types. Known as the “Stylist to the Stars” for over 20 years, King has appeared on various television and radio shows and is based in Los Angeles.

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I was impressed with the wide array of information that Barbara shared with me when she analyzed my most complimentary colors. Positive first impressions are vital in this instantaneous, hurry-up world. It was important for me to share Barbara's wisdom with my family to help give them an edge in social and professional circles. We found Barbara's energy and knowledge to be empowering and enlightening. We had a blast spending time with her! Kristin Ostrander

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