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If you’re like me you don’t have a whole lot of time to shop at the mall for gifts. Thankfully we have the Internet to help with our buying needs! I find the easiest and most efficient way to shop is through  They not only have great ideas and great deals, they usually always have the item you find in stock and if you order smart and give yourself enough time to get the item delivered your shipping costs are low and sometimes free!

As the winter season changes to spring it’s a good time to look over what category of clothing to shop for.

It’s that time of year for me to go shopping for some new casual dresses.  I love wearing them every day.  I look at the styles and colors that I have and I will look for some new colors to shop for. Look through your closet and see what needs replenishing.  It could be your jeans, tops, jackets or even your workout clothes. 

Want to emphasize how approachable you are? Wear medium toned colors in soft fabrics. Want to get noticed for your efficiency? Avoid jangly jewelry. Leave your Mickey Mouse watch at home and wear your stainless steel one. Get noticed for what you want to be noticed for and use clothes to do it.

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