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Creating an impression that is meaningful whether it is for a job interview, your wedding day, parties or events; is sometimes easier said than done. With the help of a professional, you can identify the latest fashion trends and incorporate them into a compelling look that is right for you. Learning which fads you shouldn’t follow is crucial as well. Approaching a fashion consultant in Los Angeles is an effective way to get well-dressed and impress, taking the guesswork out of your choices.

Time has flown by so fast here we are at the end of August already! I hope you have all enjoyed your summer. I spent most of my summer in California and just now starting to get back into the swing of things here in Florida. 

It isn’t just a theory that what you wear can influence people around you; it’s a fact. There’s tons of research suggesting the fact that “what you wear” has a profound impact on your personality and the perception others have on you.

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I was impressed with the wide array of information that Barbara shared with me when she analyzed my most complimentary colors. Positive first impressions are vital in this instantaneous, hurry-up world. It was important for me to share Barbara's wisdom with my family to help give them an edge in social and professional circles. We found Barbara's energy and knowledge to be empowering and enlightening. We had a blast spending time with her! Kristin Ostrander

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