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5 Ways To Dress For A Heatwave In The City

Last updated: 05-14-2019

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5 Ways To Dress For A Heatwave In The City

Showing off your summer sartorial prowess at the beach is one thing. The city? Quite another. From negotiating hot-as-hell public transport to fighting your way through a heaving pub garden, summer in the city can leave you looking more sweaty than stylish.

But easy elegance is yours to be had; take inspiration from the street style set and Reserved’s summer offering. Replete with sleek silhouettes and relaxed tailoring, let this be the summer when your wardrobe rates as hot as the temperature.

Nothing says ‘smart’ like a suit and nothing says ‘summer’ like shorts. Happily, this season those two style objectives are far from mutually exclusive.

A short suit is the perfect summer power move and more sartorially interesting than a trouser suit. Pair this matching sleeveless blazer and shorts set with chunky trainers and gold jewellery for an unexpected out-of-office twist.

Fashion loves nothing more than a good contradiction, so this season’s palette is either all-beige or eye-catching colour. With one foot firmly in the bold colours camp, we're drawn to sunset shades at the moment, like this relaxed suit from Reserved.

If you’re not used to wearing brights, it’s a great way to start, with its clean, softly tailored lines keeping it as classic as it is directional. Team with a dark top in a sharp shape to allow it to really pop.

Leopard, tiger, zebra... While some trends come and go, animal print has attained perennial status and is showing no signs of extinction anytime soon. We’ve fallen hard for this zebra print co-ord.

Give it a bit of edge – and keep it from descending into Kat Slater territory – with angular sunglasses and a pair of chunky white trainers, then remember to carry a slouchy sweatshirt for later in the pub garden.

This is the UK, the unofficial home of four seasons in one day. So while you might spend the morning moaning about the unbearable heat, it’s perfectly plausible that by the afternoon you’ll be reaching for a brolly.

Leaving the house in super-lightweight layers is a very sensible – and stylish – idea. This sleek jumpsuit from Reserved is smart enough to take you from desk to dancefloor, while the pistachio blazer will get you home after dark without being too chilly.

Punchy prints, unexpected accessories and clashing layers have ruled the fashion roost of late. Now is the maximalist’s time to shine. Key to nailing this look is a strong base, like this fresh frock from Reserved. Couple with a blazer for an element of toughness and add embellished shoes for a dash of pure escapism.

After all, if you can’t experiment with a new look in the summer, then when can you?

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