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5 Styling Hacks to Take to the Office This Summer

Last updated: 05-11-2019

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5 Styling Hacks to Take to the Office This Summer

Need a little inspiration for your summer work wardrobe? Look no further than the women of Tbilisi Fashion Week. Women on the streets of the Georgian city are showing off their best late spring style, and it’s filled with ideas that will keep your work wardrobe, well, working. Some tricks are unfussy, like adding a pop of color in a menswear-inspired button down, others are a bit more daring, like layering lamé pieces or changing out a stud earring for a sparkling drop. Whether you’re going bold or just looking to change up your uniform, consider these five styling tricks to step up your work outfit this summer and beyond.

Sometimes the silhouette alone is the reason we deem an item “office appropriate.” A pleated skirt and a high neck blouse are good examples—but don’t only reach for these items in wooly fabrics or neutral colors. This summer, consider your typical uniform pieces in lighter, warm weather fabrics that make a statement in gold lamé.

Although we would argue that there is no such thing as owning too many white tops and blouses, adding additional light-colored shirts into the mix can keep your work outfits feeling fresh. Repeat your usual office looks by rotating white tops with alternatives in pastels and neutrals—these hues are trending after all!

Find yourself staring at a sea of all black mules, slingbacks, or flats every morning? Consider trying out your go-to office shoe in a different color. For more corporate environments stick to something neutral, maybe a chestnut brown or caramel nude color, or for a more relaxed environment take the plunge into cherry red or baby blue.

When your go to blazer starts to boring and that midi dress isn’t as exciting to wear as it was when you first bought it, try fastening a silk scarf to these uniform items for a little flair. The most unexpected way to knot one on is to tie it around the waist atop a long black overcoat and white maxi skirt. Belts be damned.

You don’t need a party invitation for an excuse to sparkle. This spring, the modern woman was one with diamante-dusted shoulders—see the cardigans at Paco Rabanne, denim jumpsuits at Isabel Marant, or boxy blazers on the streets of Tbilisi for the proof. A few of our very own Vogue editors are trying the trend at the office too, and we don’t just mean on the First Monday in May.

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