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4 Cold-Weather Fabrics Your Wardrobe Needs

Last updated: 02-05-2018

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4 Cold-Weather Fabrics Your Wardrobe Needs

Winter’s coming – wind, hail, sleet, sheets of rain and all the other fun stuff that has us trawling Skyscanner on the daily.

To ensure you’re at least prepared, if not particularly excited, about the months to come, we’ve called on leading men’s style experts to let us know their favourite materials for tackling winter. Add these to your arsenal, and boss the cold with ease.

It’s Nature’s Performance Fabric “Wool is a natural fibre that can create warmth without the need for padding or extra insulation,” says Dean Gomilsek-Cole, head of design and product development at Turnbull & Asser, which – in addition to its range of impeccable shirts – does a good line in knitwear, too.

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