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Ahead of IPO, Farfetch Pushes Into Modest Dressing

Last updated: 03/23/2019

LONDON, United Kingdom — A curious thing has happened in the fashion industry over the past few years. Designers and brands across the world, from Coach and Batsheva Hay in New...

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The Website That Took Over Men's Media

Last updated: 03/20/2019

This story appears in VICE Magazine's Truth and Lies Issue. Growing up in foster care, Isaac Demerest learned to keep small pieces of flint and steel in his shoelaces and a...

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Stress-Free Travel Tips for Busy Women and Their Families

Last updated: 03/20/2019

If you have a trip scheduled for the holidays, these stress-free travel trips will help make the process a little bit less hectic. I’m not a big fan of travel because it...

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5 Ways to Find More Balance in Life Peace Happiness

Last updated: 03/16/2019

You've heard people mention it. You see many experts touting their various ways to achieve it. But does true balance in life exist? The thing is I am not exactly sure that you...

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The '21-Day Ketogenic Diet Weight-Loss Challenge’ Is Here To Make Your Life Easier

Last updated: 03/13/2019

If you're new to the keto diet, it might seem like a foreign language—but consider the 21-Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Challenge your translator. This cookbook, which just...

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5 Ways To Maintain Your Health In Your 30s

Last updated: 03/08/2019

Tuesday, 24 April 2018 5 Ways To Maintain Your Health In Your 30s Your 20s are for living it up and partying likes it's 1999, health and maintaining it was never on my agenda...

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15 Cool, Made-in-LA Labels You Should Know About

Last updated: 03/06/2019

There's no occasion quite like the Fourth of July to celebrate all things American. Here at Fashionista, we'll be spending the week examining the fashion industry in our own...

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Interview with Tricia Cusden, Founder of Look Fabulous Forever ~ Design the Lifestyle YOU Desire

Last updated: 02/22/2019

You might remember one of the #EditorsPicks; Make-up from Look Fabulous Forever a few weeks ago? Well, I caught up with the lovely Tricia Cusden, Founder of Look Fabulous...

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Here's How to Organize Your Makeup For the Perfect Instagram Shelfie

Last updated: 02/20/2019

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not An Organized Person. My bathroom drawers look more like a post apocalyptic destruction zone chockfull of lipsticks I'll never wear, bold...

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Katie Price branded 'stupid' for blowing £45m fortune by pal Jemma Lucy

Last updated: 02/16/2019

Katie Price’s pal Jemma Lucy has blasted the star for being ‘stupid’ with her money after she narrowly avoided bankruptcy. Jemma Lucy has claimed that when she briefly lived...

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